Aluminium Guitars by Anthony Goulding

Just discovered a new brand of guitar this morning – and what a find. I’d never heard of Goulding guitars before and it was even more of a surprise to realise they were a British firm. As ever, there’s not much I can say about these or any of the guitars I feature until I can get my hands on them but it seems to me on face value that they are unique and distinctive – very attractive. I love the attention to detail – the custom hardware, especially the solid-looking knobs, tailpieces and bridges. Oh – I almost forgot – they’re all aluminium guitars!

In their own words:

Goulding guitars is a name synonymous with beauty and precision. It is a name that represents remarkably high standards of quality, creativity and ingenuity.

Our instruments are individually machined from two solid billets of aluminium and hand finished by our team of experienced British craftsmen. A Goulding guitar is a unique individual instrument you can be exceptionally proud to own. Visual and technical design, coupled with exceptional craftsmanship provide each Goulding owner with a playability and tone that is second to none.

The body of a Goulding guitar is made from a two inch thick billet of aluminium, which is machined from the rear to make it hollow. The front is machined to give it it’s carved look.

We have our own Goulding designed pickup surrounds made in Gold Plated Brass.

The neck is also made from a solid billet of aluminium. The fret board is made of Cocobola or Birdseye Maple with mother of pearl, NZ paua or abalone markings.

For more details go to:

Author: Michael

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  1. Hello Mike,
    Just discovered your website and it looks great.Thankyou for your comments regarding Goulding Guitars and will have to get one over to you to try out.Have you played an all aluminium guitar before,regards
    Anthony Goulding

  2. Thank you, Anthony. No, I’ve never played an aluminium guitar before and I would certainly relish the chance of checking one of your creations out. At the moment, Beautiful Guitars doesn’t have a lot of traffic – early days – but I would be very happy to do a feature. Whatever works for you.



  3. Hello Mike,did you check out my guitars at Richards and if you did what did you think.Are you still interested in borrowing one to do a piece on it,regards anthony

  4. Hi Anthony – yes, I’ve been into Richard’s and I’ve been able to handle the Stack very briefly. Wasn’t around long enough to plug it in but brief encounter promises a rich experience! If you let Richard know that you’ve OK’d it for me to borrow one for a few days, I’d still be delighted to do a piece. Which other models does Richard have right now? Which one do you suggest I take a look at?



    P.S. will also contact via email.

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