Goulding Lindsay Wilson

Goulding Lindsay Wilson is the brand name of the collaborative work of two unique luthiers, Anthony Goulding and Howard Robinson.

A collaborative effort between two UK luthiers Anthony Goulding, renowned for his stunning Aluminum guitars and the exquisite neck inlays of Howard Robinson of Lindsay Wilson guitars. At first their individual guitars and ideas seemed to be on opposite sides of the fence.

However Howard told me that Anthony had been bugging him for ages hinting that he would love to have one of his necks inlaid by him, Howard then offered Tony a deal, ‘you make an aluminum body for one of my axes and I will inlay a neck for you’. They have never looked back since, with collaborative ideas just rolling off the drawing board, feeding of each others passion and endless enthusiasm. There are projects on the cards for a whole line of hybrid guitars with different parts being made by each luthier, the constant being that each guitar is unique combination of the two , true one offs and made for each individual customer with only the very best materials. The collaboration, known as Goulding Lindsay Wilson or GLW ,has a couple of basses in the pipeline and even an aluminum resonator planned for the future. Anthony tells me that they are both dedicated to the very best, top end, totally individual custom guitars. For further info or to just to talk to the guys simply visit their respective web sites.

Jessie James Davis

Howard: 01598710616 Anthony : 01702619214

Author: Michael

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