Aristides 020 White Gold

Aristides-O2O-white-gold-2013-4It’s not often that the first thing that has you fall in love with a guitar is the tone. I had not come across Aristides Instruments until a couple of days ago when Jordy Markus contacted me. I browsed the website and what took my eye most was this 020 ‘White Gold’ model. What blew me away, though, was this video demo:

Just love that clean tone! I know there’s bags of reverb there, but what a warm, open, but amazingly sparkly tone? There are plenty of video demos on the Aristides website if you want to explore the high gain¬†possibilities¬†and some guitars are brilliant instruments for metal.

Where does that tone come from though? Well, these guitars are not made from wood. They are made from a material called Arium. To quote from the website:

Arium is a material produced from different special resins and microscopically small vibrationsensitive glass particles.

A wear-resistant cover made of glass and carbon fiber protects the sensitive mixture when it is inserted in its Aluminum mould. The material has several advantages as compared to wood: wood cannot vibrate in the direction of the fiber and it therefore forces sound waves to resonate only two-dimensionally.

Arium in contrast, has no fiber structure and it vibrates three-dimensionally, which does not only extend the sustain considerably, but also enhances the acoustic sound volume.

As it does not contain any water, it is more stable than wood, it reacts less to temperature fluctuations and humidity, has a conspicuously more stable tuning, and requires less maintenance.

Fifteen years of research led to a tonematerial with amazing acoustic features. The possibility to build an one-piece construction combined with the unique cell-structure of the material resulted in a revolutionary property: the sound waves could resonate three dimensional without any disruption throughout the whole instrument.

Well – hearing is believing. Would love to get my hands on one some day!

Author: Michael

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