Jens Ritter ‘Princess Isabella’ George Benson Tribute

You will probably have seen that the original ‘Princess Isabella‘ by Jens Ritter is still heading my top ten beautiful guitars. Thought I’d also share these pics of a black hardware version of the George Benson Tribute issue. Very nice.

Jens Ritter 'Princess Isabella' George Benson Tribute

Author: Michael

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  1. As a grumpy, fussy old luthier, and designer to boot, i dislike most of what i see in the guitar world, with the obvious exceptions, and this is definitely one of them. I find it hard to call someone else’s guitars beautiful, but this guitar is quite simply one of the nicest and most beautiful guitars I have ever seen, i dont care if it sounds total crap!!! I would just put it on the wall and stare at it every time i get down. Everything about the shape, the colour the balance, proportion and the less is more’ philosophy of this guitar shows you that the guy really does understand beauty. The bridge and tail piece is just gorgeous!!!!

  2. Something else, isn’t it? Have you seen his bass guitars?

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