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Funny how one thing can lead to another. Not long after I published the review of Anthony Goulding’s ‘Bohemian’, I was contacted by one Howard Robinson of Lindsay Wilson Guitars. Howard, it turns out, has been working with Anthony on some very special versions of the Goulding ‘Stack’ model. I’ll be posting some photos that Howard sent me of a stunning ‘work in progress’ collaborative effort later on, but for now, I want to introduce you to Howard’s own guitars. In his own words:

At Lindsay Wilson I marry classic good looks with simple electronics that allow the guitar to speak it’s own special language. Each guitar is exquisitely finished in the distinctive Lindsay Wilson style using only the best materials with unique individual details that stamp each guitar a genuine ‘one off’.

Each guitar has a softness and warmth, like a cherished piece of furniture, a substance and presence that betrays the time and individual attention that has gone into making each one.

At Lindsay Wilson each guitar is a One off, One at a Time, for One person.

There’s a clue in there to Howard’s background, and it’s in the word ‘furniture’. He continues:

My early involvement in Antique restoration and cabinet making has been a major influence in my 30-year career as a furniture designer. This instilled an appreciation of high quality materials and craftsmanship, along with a recognition of how important proportion, balance and aesthetics are to creating beautiful furniture. This informed my passion for studying and making electric guitars which has been with me throughout my life. Along with my enthusiasm for japanese and far eastern art, this has been the inspiration behind Lindsay Wilson.

However, there’s not much there that prepares you for his speciality – inlay. Picture speak louder than words – so:


Well, of course I could just go on plundering Howards images but I strongly advise you to click on the link below and visit Lindsay Wilson Guitars yourself to find out more about his exquisite work.

Author: Michael

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