TESLA by Ulrich Teuffel


Well, for me, the instant appeal of this guitar is its clean, beautiful, balanced lines that at the same time manage to break the bonds of traditional guitar design – a feat not often accomplished well.

Sadly, as with almost all the guitars on these pages, I have not  played this instrument and nor am I likely to – let alone own one. However, what I can instantly see is that in performance the balance of this guitar is going to shift the fretboard well to the right and render a very comfortable playing position for the left hand. Looking at it just makes me want to play it.

But the innovation on this guitar is not just skin deep. To quote Ulrich Teuffel himself:

“Do you remember your first electric guitar? In the early days of electric guitar building, you had to struggle not only with the guitar itself, but also with the unwanted background noises that guitars produced in those days, for example, pickup feedback resulting from pickups not yet being wax-potted, or loud humming coming from a loose solder joint. Sometimes the guitar signal would be interrupted when you randomly touched a knob.

“Nowadays all these effects have disappeared as a result of technical improvements, although they have become part of music history as archetypes of guitar sounds. They are comparable to sounds such as the scratching of records and skipping of CD’s, which have also become musical archetypes and are often cited in today’s music.

“With the tesla I have designed a guitar that, along with modern guitars sounds, also has these primitive sounds at its disposal. Contact points and push-buttons are situated all over the body, which, when pressed, activate the respective sounds.”

The Tesla Midi

midiThe Tesla 7 string


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