STREAMLINE by Steve Andersen

Streamline - Steve Andersen 1How traditional can you get? And yet how cool?

This is probably one of the least expensive guitars made by Andersen Stringed Instruments and yet, to my eye, seems one of the most perfectly beautiful. Everything is understated yet nothing diminished. The eye just keeps returning again and again to the superb gloss sheen on the top curve. How can the soundholes seem oversized yet in perfect proportion?

Less is more and simple is beautiful. Full stop.

My only wish (apart that of being given one of these beauties)) is that there were larger photos available to show it off properly. I shall be asking Steve Andersen if he can supply any better pics, but in the meantime, feast on these:

Streamline - Steve Andersen 2

Streamline - Steve Andersen 3

Streamline - Steve Andersen 4

Steve Anderen says:

“The StreamLine differs from the other Andersen models in that it is not a custom guitar. Most Andersen guitars are made for a specific player. The StreamLine, however, is a standardized instrument. It is hand-made in my Seattle shop using the same materials and designs found on my more expensive guitars. By keeping the ornamentation to a minimum, I can offer it at a lower price than the custom guitars I make.

“I suspended construction of this model for about two years, but a recession seems like a good time to re-introduce my most affordable model. I’ll be building two or three per year as time allows, and I will offer them for sale upon completion.

“Currently, I don’t have a StreamLine for sale. I hope to have one completed around mid-2010. Feel free to contact me if you’d like to know more. Also, you can check back on this web page for an update on completion dates.”

Standard features:

  • Engelmann Spruce soundboard with red spruce tonebars
  • Back, sides and neck of American maple
  • 3″ body depth
  • 16 or 17″ body width (example shown at left is a 16″ body)
  • Nut width: 1 3/4″
  • Ebony fretboard and bridge
  • Mini-Schaller tuners
  • Handmade brass tailpiece, nickel-plated
  • Armstrong floating pickup and volume control mounted on pickguard