ARCHTOP by Otis A Tomas

by Otis A. Tomas


Unfortunately, this is the only photo I could find of this – need I say it – beautiful instrument. Despite appearances this is an archtop guitar – traditional f-holes replaced by that deceptive round one. There are no words to be found on Otis A Tomas’ website about this particular instrument so there’s nothing more for me to say. I just hope you agree that this photo promises wonderful things.

In his own words:

“For the last thirty years, I have been working as a violin and guitar maker at my home here in the hills above St. Ann’s Bay on Cape Breton Island in Canada’s Nova Scotia. Although I specialize primarily in violins and secondarily in guitars, I have on occasion also turned my hand to mandolins, harps, and various other stringed instruments.

“My instruments are all individually crafted, one at a time, with care and respect — based on original designs, but built with an eye to the deep traditions that inform the luthier’s art”.

I advise you visit the luthier’s website – there’s lots to read about him, his philosophy and the art of instrument making.